The Problem

Clouds, client portals, encryption, Circular 230... 10 years ago our world was very different!

  • Are your electronic communications secure & compliant?
  • Is your business model streamlined and profitable?
  • Are all of your communications 100% Circular 230 compliant?

If not, you know everyone is coming out with their own application-specific compliance platforms. CCH, Reuters, all of the tax software vendors all now have client portals and tools to help you in release or soon to be released. Then what's the problem?

Many CPAs and accountants report that people who supply tax software price their tax platforms in a manner that escalates! Using their portals means another fragmented set of "handcuffs," which they would have over you. If their software became the wrong choice for your changing needs, you not only would need to convert tax data from one software to another, but possibly interrupt the entire way you have taught your clients to work with you!


Price increases just large enough each year to eat away your profit, but not quite enough to make changing your client communication systems worth it.